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Enterprise applications, JEE

Java Platform Enterprise Edition is the industry standard for building enterprise-class applications in the Java programming language. Based on the solid foundation of Java Platform, Standard Edition, Java EE adds libraries and system services that support the scalability, accessibility, security, integrity, and other requirements of enterprise-class applications.

Web services

When you aim to interconnect your IT infrastructure with the infrastructure of your business partners, web services come in handy. Web services allow you to expose your business' activities to the internet without providing a user interface for them. A web service is programming language independent, which is a good thing since your partners may have built their systems in one of the many other programming languages around. Your business partner will be able to call your web service knowing only the url where the web service is located and its formal description.

Examples of web services are ticket reservation services, translation services, file conversion services, payment processing services... in short, anything your business does that can be offered in a digital form.

Web applications

A web application is an actual piece of software that is accessed over a network (internet or intranet) with a user interface that is entirely browser based. No installation is necessary on the client computers and software maintenance is easy - software updates are done instantly and at low cost, since the only place the application really runs is the server.

Batch applications

Sometimes there is a need to process data at regular scheduled intervals. For instance, if your business depends on data delivered by a partner every night. Suppose the data file contains information in a format that is not readily usable by your infrastructure. A typical solution would be to "ETL" the data file: extract, transform and load the lines from the file into your infrastructure.

Technical software and Artificial Intelligence

Often in engineering, a simulation of a specific system is needed. The first step is always to describe the system using laws of physics, to obtain a continuous mathematical model of the system. Next, this mathematical model is discretized and combined with start and boundary conditions. Finally, the model is applied to calculate a new value for each point in the domain. These calculations are repeated in every iteration until the required precision is obtained.

Whenever we expect a piece of software or hardware to learn from its experiences, artificial intelligence is the way to go. If you can look at something as a pattern, an artificial brain can be trained to recognize and classify that pattern. Even if the pattern is not apparently visible to us humans, the artificial brain can detect it if it's there.

Some of the applications of artificial intelligence are non-linear function approximation problems, classification problems, trend prediction and forecasting, image recognition, fraud detection and if you really have a budget to spend, driving a car through the desert all on itself.


Sparkwired can deliver consulting services in the field of software architecture design, development, mainframe migrations, bug resolution, ...

Developer training

Sparkwired offers a range of courses to train new developers and/or to extend the skill set of people already heaving development experience.