Enterprise Applications

When your organization has a need for a multi-tiered, high-availability transactional application that manages your core business, an enterprise application is the best fit for that need.

This type of application is typically build on the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (JEE). JEE is the industry standard for building enterprise-class applications, supporting diverse non-functional requirements like availability, scalability, accessibility, security, integrity, and other requirements of enterprise-class applications. Since the platform is built on open standards, a large collection of both open source and commercial extensions is available.

When you plan to migrate a mainframe system to an open system, an enterprise application built on JEE is the right choice in most cases. Large applications are broken up in reusable components, and business logic is separated from the presentation layer.

This way, part or all of your business can easily be exposed via different channels like a web application (geared towards end users like your staff or customers) or one or more web services (geared towards integration into the software systems of your partners).

Enterprise applications are deployed on an application server. There is a range of different application servers on the market, both open source and commercial.