About Sparkwired

Sparkwired was founded in 2010 by Tom Van den heuvel, who holds an engineering degree in computer sciences from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and is an Oracle Certified Enterprise Architect for Java Enterprise Edition 5.

After working a couple of years for a 1500+ employee software firm in Brussels, where he developed and maintained J2EE/JEE applications and webservices, he decided to shift gears and start a business of his own.

Building on a solid background in engineering and backed by a range of readily available open source technologies, Sparkwired is committed to deliver only the best solution for your business' need.

Project management at Sparkwired is based on an Agile approach. Each project is broken down in a number of sprints. A sprint is a fixed period of time (usually 2 or 3 weeks) during which a part of the software application is built and tested. At the end of each sprint the customer is invited to see a demo of the partially built product. This way, we provide the opportunity to monitor project progress and exchange feedback early, which keeps the project aligned with customer priorities throughout the development cycle.

At Sparkwired we know that most small and medium-sized projects can be realized by a single skilled developer, given the right tools and armed with the latest in technology. If however the project outgrows the capacity of a single developer, we temporarily scale our workforce by hiring consultants. This way we are able to respect project deadlines and achieve the required project quality, with a minimum of overhead costs.